Best Takeaway Indian Menu Combos (Healthy & Tasty) in Tacoma

Craving for a burst of Indian flavour on your tastebuds? We got you! Don’t have time or want to enjoy it in the comfort of your home or office? No problem! Whether you’re looking for dinner for just you or your whole family, we have the perfect Takeaway Indian Menu Combos that’s both healthy and tasty, and will leave you and your family satisfied in awe.

From the fan-favourite Chicken Tikka to the vegetarian special Vegetable Curry, our takeaway Indian menu includes the deliciousness of Indian spices and the goodness of veggies. And to top it all off, you also get sweet desserts to complete your dinner in style.

Offering a tantalising array of Indian delicacies, Saffron Cottage Indian Restaurant is your go-to destination for delicious and healthy takeaway options. Let’s explore all the best Takeaway Indian Menu Combos in Tacoma that perfectly balance taste and nutrition.

Dinner Meal Deal at $60

If you’re looking for an Indian dinner combo for 1-2 people, our Dinner Meal Deal can be your perfect option. Priced at just $60, this takeaway Indian food combo is not only delicious but also packed with wholesome ingredients to nourish your body. Indulge in tender Chicken Tikka and flavorful Seekh Kebab, paired with creamy Butter Chicken and hearty Mix Veg Korma. Accompanied by fragrant Saffron Rice, freshly baked Naan, and cooling Raita, this meal is a balanced blend of proteins, carbs, and essential nutrients. Plus, the addition of Papadarn adds a satisfying crunch without compromising on healthiness.

Here’s what our Dinner Meal Deal Indian Takeaway Combo Offers:

– 2 Pcs Chicken Tikka
– 2 Pcs Seekh Kebab
– 1 Butter Chicken
– 1 Mix veg Korma
– 1 Saffron Rice
– 1 Naan
– 1 Raita
– 2 Pcs Papadarn

Family Dinner Pack at $80

If you’re looking for a combo that suffices 3-4 people, our Family Dinner Pack can be the best combo for you. Priced at just $80, this generous spread caters to the diverse tastes of your loved ones while ensuring everyone enjoys a nutritious meal. Start off with crispy Pakora and succulent Tandoori Chicken, followed by a selection of flavorful curries including Butter Chicken, Lamb Rogan josh, and Beef Madras. Accompanied by wholesome Mix Vegetable Curry, fragrant Saffron Rice, and soft Naan, this spread offers a balanced combination of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Don’t forget to add a side of Raita and Papadam for added freshness and crunch.

Here’s what our Family Dinner Pack Indian Takeaway Combo Offers:
– 4 Pcs Pakora
– 4 Pcs Tandoori Chicken
– 1 Butter Chicken
– 1 Lamb Rogan josh
– 1 Beef Madras
– 1 Mix Vegetable Curry
– 2 Saffron Rice
– 2 Naan
– 1 Raita
– 4 Pcs Papadam

Saffron Cottage Special VIP Pack at $100

On the contrary, if you’re looking for an Indian meal combo to feed 5-7 people, go for our Special VIP Pack. Priced at $100, this lavish combo features an array of gourmet delights, meticulously crafted to satisfy your cravings while keeping health in mind. From succulent Seekh Kebab and aromatic Garlic Chicken to rich Lamb Korma and iconic Butter Chicken, every dish is a testament to culinary excellence. Accompanied by a selection of seafood, crispy Pakora, fluffy Naan, fragrant Saffron Rice, and a variety of chutneys, this VIP Pack offers a balanced yet indulgent dining experience. Finish off your meal with a decadent dessert of your choice for the perfect finale.

Here’s what our Saffron Cottage Special VIP Pack Indian Takeaway Combo Offers:
– 4 Pcs Seekh Kebab
– 3 Naan
– 1 Raita
– 3 Saffron Rice
– 4 Pcs Garlic Chicken
– 4 Pcs Pakora
– 2 Pcs Samosa
– Lamb Korma
– Butter Chicken
– Vegetable Curry
– Seafood (1 any)
– Pappadam
– Chutney
– Dessert any

Enjoy Healthy and Tasty Indian Cuisine

At Saffron Cottage Nepalese and Indian Restaurant, healthy eating doesn’t mean compromising on taste. Each dish and each of our Indian Takeaway Menu Combos are carefully prepared using high-quality ingredients and authentic recipes to ensure a flavourful and nutritious dining experience. Whether you’re ordering for yourself or treating your family to a wholesome meal, our takeaway menu combos are sure to delight your taste buds and nourish your body. Place your order today and discover the joy of healthy and tasty Indian cuisine, right here in Tacoma!

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How long does Indian Takeaway last in the fridge?

Indian takeaway can typically last for 2-3 days when stored properly in the refrigerator. It’s important to ensure that the food is stored in airtight containers within a freezer to maintain freshness and prevent contamination.

Is Takeaway Indian food healthy?

Yes, takeaway Indian food can be healthy depending on the choices you make. Here at Saffron Cottage Nepalese and Indian Restaurant, we put extra effort on ensuring your takeaway order is fresh, healthy and full of nutrition.

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