Best Indian Chicken Dishes in Tecoma

Australia is home to over 750,000 people who were born in India. To put that into perspective, Indians are the second-largest migrant group in Australia bringing with them a rich culinary heritage, reflected in their diverse array of Indian dishes like the famous Chicken Tikka Masala and Biryani. However, these aren’t the only best Indian Chicken dishes available here in Tecoma. In fact, there are many others that go on par or even taste a tad better and we’ll talk about all of these mouthwatering treats in more detail as we go along this blog.

But before we get there, the abundance of Indian restaurants and eateries in major cities like Sydney and Melbourne begs the question: why is Indian Food so popular in Australia? Let’s find out!

Why is Indian Food so popular in Tecoma and around the country?

Indian cuisine, especially ones based on chicken, are quite popular not just in Australian cities like Tecoma but also around the globe. Here’s why:

Reasons why Indian Dishes are Popular in Tecoma

Indian chicken dishes are renowned for their bold and diverse flavour profiles, incorporating a myriad of spices and herbs
The whole city of Melbourne including Tecoma has a multicultural population and offers a familiar taste of home for those from India
Indian dishes like the chicken tikka masala incorporate a variety of vegetables and spices known for their health benefits
Indian cuisine also has appetising intensity and colour.
The Tecoma’s Indian restaurant scene features some of the most sought-after dining destinations, offering a variety of dishes from different regions of India.
Restaurants like Tonka, Desi Dhaba, Saffron Cottage and Curry Vault Indian Restaurant And Bar have contributed to the popularity of Indian food in Melbourne.

Around the World:

Indian cuisine has become increasingly popular globally for its variety and use of fresh spices
According to Taste Atlas Awards, India ranks 5th on the list of best cuisines in the world for 2022.
Many Indian dishes are high in protein, vitamins, and minerals, making them healthy alternatives compared to other types of meals from around the globe.
Each region within India provides its own unique flavours depending on what ingredients are available locally. This means there’s something for everyone no matter where you go.
Online resources like recipe books and cooking videos make these recipes easy for people to replicate at home no matter where they live.

5 Best Indian Chicken Dishes in Tecoma:

Chicken Tikka Masala with Saffron Rice

Chicken Tikka Masala is one of the best Indian chicken dishes in the world. It consists of roasted marinated chicken chunks in a spiced sauce. While it may be considered one of Britain’s national dishes, chicken tikka masala was technically popularised by Indian cooks living in Great Britain. Today, this dish is offered at restaurants around the world. It’s usually enjoyed with saffron rice, which adds a unique flavour and aroma. You can order it online and taste the unforgettable today.

Butter Chicken with Naan

Butter Chicken, also known as murgh makhani, was invented in a small dhaba in Delhi. It’s a creamy and rich dish where chicken is cooked in a tomato-based gravy with butter and spices. While butter chicken is traditionally complemented by naans, you can have this Indian Chicken Dish with anything you like.

Chicken Biryani with Raita

Biryani is a mixed rice dish most popular in South Asia. It is made with rice, some type of meat (chicken, beef, goat, lamb, prawn, or fish) and spices. The origins of biryani can be traced back to Persia, but it was made popular by the Mughals, who ruled India for several centuries. It’s often served with raita, a yoghurt-based side dish, which helps to balance the spices in the biryani.

Chicken Chilli Momo

Momos are a type of steamed filled dumpling in Tibetan and Nepali cuisine that is also popular in neighbouring Bhutan and India. Chicken Chilli Momo is a spicy version of the traditional momo, where the momos are tossed in a hot and spicy sauce. They are usually served with a spicy dipping sauce and are a popular street food in many parts of India.

Chicken Korma with Coconut Rice

Chicken Korma is another one of the best Indian Chicken Dishes in the world with its roots in the Mughlai cuisine of the Indian subcontinent. It is a mild curry made with yoghurt and spices, and is typically served with coconut rice. It is also one of the most popular dishes in our dine-in menu here at Saffron Cottage.

Tasty Conclusion

No matter which Indian chicken dish you go for, it is sure to give your tastebuds a burst of amazing flavour. The ones we mentioned above are popular because of their unique flavours and the use of a variety of spices, which gives them a distinct taste. They are best enjoyed hot and are often accompanied by a side of bread or rice. And, you can give them a try here at our diner in Tecoma or order online and enjoy them at the comfort of your own home.

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